Atlas Obscura
Selected writing:
Alice, Oxford & the Dodo
The Ghost in the Rainbow
Of Wolves & Men & Delicious Little Girls
Objects of Intrigue: Yeti Scalp
St. Valentine’s Many Heads, Assorted Parts
Uncovering Grand Central Terminal’s Secret Spaces

Cultivating Wonderlust

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Selected writing:
Getting High – Rooftop access and hidden public spaces in San Francisco
Behind the Glass – A day in the life at the Conservatory of Flowers
Beautiful Dead Things – Small animal taxidermy and insect preservation


Co-Founder & Curator, Odd Salon, San Francisco
About Odd Salon>
Selected Talks:
“Bluestockings, Incorrigibles & the Age of the Salon”
“Donald Crowhurst & the Amazing Voyage That Never Was”
“The Secret of the Locked Door Heist at Mont Sainte Odile”
“Salvaged Spirits: Shipwreck Scotch & the World’s Oldest Wine”

Producer & Co-Curator, Marvelous Strange at Five Months Gallery
About Marvelous Strange>
Selected Talks:
“Rooms of Wonder: Cabinets of Curiosity from the Age of Exploration”
“Arts, Minds & The Social Instinct”

Guest Speaker & Curator, The San Francisco Time Travel Project at the California Historical Society
About The San Francisco Time Travel Project>
Featured Talk:
“Sutro’s City at Land’s End”

Guest Speaker & Curator, Long Now Foundation Interval Salon
“Heroic Antarctica: Rare Whisky, Silent Film, Explorers’ Tales & Penguin Sex
Featured talk: “GM Levick & the Hooligan Cocks”

Guest Speaker & Curator, Odd Salon at the Internet Archive Telethon
Featured talk: “Beautiful Lies: Death & Discovery at Angkor” (video link)

Moderator, De Young Museum, San Francisco
“Urban Exploration: A Contemporary Introduction”

Multimedia presentation, De Young Museum, San Francisco
“1000 Leagues Under the City”

Producer & Speaker, Death Salon, San Francisco
About Death Salon San Francisco>
“Dead Soldiers & Utopian Dreams: The Vernian Visions of Dr. Benjamin Lyford, Civil War Embalmer”

Speaker, Death Salon, Los Angeles
“Died Trying: Adventure, Death & Lessons from Expeditions Gone Horribly Wrong”

Speaker, Wanderlust School of Transgressive Placemaking, New York City
“Broken Legs, Surveillance Cameras and Black Mold: Safety & Security Off the Grid”

Producer & Event Lead, Obscura Society, San Francisco & Beyond
Selected Adventures:
Ghost Fleet Cruise, Suison Bay
After Dark at Woodlawn Cemetery, Colma
Spider Safari, Audubon Canyon Ranch
Tour of Stanford Hospital’s Pneumatic Dispatch System

Co-Producer & Event Lead, Field Trip Day 2012 & 2013, for Atlas Obscura & Niantic Labs/Google
Field Trip Day 2012: San Francisco, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis
Field trip Day 2013: London, New York City, Pasadena & Seattle